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Airport & Railway Station : Beijing Capital Int'l Airport, Railway Station
Sightseeing spot : Beijing Zoo, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tian An Men Square
Shopping area : Wang Fu Jing, Silk Market
District Part : Chang Ping District, Chao Yang District, Chong Wen District, Da Xing District, Dong Cheng District, Feng Tai District, Hai Dian District, Xi Cheng District, Xuan Wu District
City Centre: Downtown, Downtown, City Centre, Near Centre, City, Other Area

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Recommended Hotels

Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City and Wang Fu Jing

Dong Jiao Min Xiang Hotel / 北京東交民巷飯店 (4 Stars, Tian An Men Square)
The Dong Jiao Min Xiang is a business hotel located within few minutes walk from the famous Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City and downtown Commercial Area-Wang Fu Jing Street.
Redwall Hotel / 北京紅牆飯店 (4 Stars, Near the Forbidden City)
Redwall Hotel's InformationLocated in a very favourable area of Beijing, the Redwall Hotel is within a few minutes walk from the Palace, Jinshan and Beihai Royal Park and the most famous shopping centre of Beijing-Wangfujing Street. Red Building of Beijing University, traditional Chinese folk house and Hutong surround the hotel.
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing / 北京香江戴斯酒店 (3.5 Stars, Near the Forbidden City)
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing's InformationLocated at Dongcheng District on Nanheyan Street, the Days Inn Forbidden City is beautifully placed close to Chang An Avenue. Other local attractions include Forbidden City, Great Hall of the People, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park as well as Temple of Heaven.
Super 8 Hotel Beijing Dong Si / 北京東四速8酒店 (2.5 Stars, Near Wang Fu Jing)
Located in the heart of the city, the Dongsi Super 8 Hotel is 25 kilometres from the airport, 3 kilometres from the train station and 10 minute walk from the metro station.

Railway Station

Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel / 北京寶辰飯店 (4 Stars)
Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel's InformationThe Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel Beijing is ideally located on the East Chang An Street, in the heart of the golden area of the capital city. Surrounded by major business centres, tourist attractions and the Embassy area, this hotel is right opposite to the Beijing Railway Station and just minutes away from the Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.
Zhongan Hotel / 北京中安賓館 (2.5 Stars)
Zhongan Hotel's InformationLocated in the city centre, the Zhongan Hotel is only 300 metres from the Beijing Railway Station and just 10 minutes from Tian An Men Square. The hotel is also close to Chang An Street, Beijing Radio Station, the Ministry of Communication and China World Trade Center.


Friendship Hotel / 北京友誼賓館 (5 Stars)
Friendship Hotel's InformationLocated near the centre of the city and around by commercial areas, the hotel is also close to the famous Summer Palace.
Capital Hotel / 北京首都大酒店(5 Stars)
Capital Hotel's InformationThe Capital Hotel is situated in the heart of Beijing and is close to many attractions and shopping centres. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden on elevated land and is only a short walk from the Tiananmen Square and the legendary Forbidden City.
Beijing International Hotel / 北京國際飯店 (5 Stars)
Beijing International Hotel's InformationBeijing International Hotel is located on Chang'an Street, the central area of foreign affairs and business. Situated only 28 kilometres from the airport, this property is very close to the Forbidden City.
The Presidential Hotel / 北京國賓酒店 (5 Stars)
Presidential Hotel's InformationCentrally located in Beijing's Xicheng district, the Presidential Plaza Hotel Beijing is close to China's commercial and banking district, government ministries and Hi-Tech zone.
Harmony Hotel / 北京華美倫酒店 (3.5 Stars)
Located in the heart of Beijing, the Harmony Hotel is within the city's busiest commercial area and Tian An Men Square. The Forbidden City, Wang Fujing Street is just steps away and it takes just a few minutes to walk to the Beijing Railway Station and the Beijing International Airport.
Qian Yuan International Business Hotel / 北京乾元國際商務酒店 (4 Stars)
Qian Yuan International Business Hotel's InformationThe hotel enjoys a perfect location and is in easy access to the subway, embassy areas, the food street as well as the tourist resort Yonghe Palace.
Traders Hotel / 北京國貿飯店 (4 Stars)
Traders Hotel's InformationLocated in the heart of the diplomatic and central business district, Traders Hotel connects to the China World Trade Centre and shopping mall. It is also at an easy access to major attractions sites, business and shopping districts.

Chao Yang District

Shangri-La's Kerry Centre Hotel / 北京香格裡拉嘉裡中心飯店 (5 Stars)
Shangri-La's Kerry Centre Hotel's InformationSituated in the Chaoyang, Beijing's diplomatic, commercial and financial centre, Shangri-La's Kerry Centre is at short distances away to the city's popular historical sites.
Sentury Apartment Hotel / 北京香榭舍酒店公寓 (3.5 Stars)
Situated in the Chao Yang District, this property is 5 kilometres from the train station and 20 kilometres from the airport.

Sightseeing spot


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