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Sightseeing spot

"Beijinging" is a site where it introduces the photograph of the sightseeing spot of Beijing.
Forbidden City
The Hall of Central Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony
Tienanmen to which light was improved
Temple of Heaven
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
Wangfujing Street
Beihai Park
White Dagoba (Bai Ta) of Beihai Park
China Railway Museum
Steam locomotive that has been exhibited in China Railway Museum
Beijing Zoo
It is breeding Nipponia nippon (Crested Ibis) in the Beijing zoo.
Badaling, Great Wall
Badaling is Great Wall in Beijing outskirts
Tombs of the Ming
Imperial Tombs of the Ming
Beijing Map, It is a map of the main sightseeing spot in the Beijing city.
Beijing Sightseeing Map


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